What shall I do if I'm still here after millions have disappeared?

If you’re reading this after the Rapture, when millions of people vanish from the earth, what should you do?

The first thing to do is to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  Realize that you have been wrong, repent and ask for forgiveness.  If you do this and don’t deny Christ, you will enjoy eternity with Him forever. Get a Bible and read it.  The last book, Revelations or the Apocalypse, will tell you what is to happen.

The bad news is that you will have to endure the Tribulation.  21 judgments of God will be poured out on the earth.  A large portion of the earth’s population will die.  The Antichrist will take over.  DO NOT accept his mark on your right hand or forehead.  If you do, you cannot be saved and will spend eternity in hell.  You will not be able to buy or sell without the mark, so life will be very difficult.  The mark might be an implantable microchip or something else.

The Antichrist will seek to kill you if he identifies you as a Christian.  But it is better to die in the Lord than to save your life and endure hell forever. 

From the day the Antichrist confirms the covenant with Israel, the Tribulation will last 2520 days.  Then Jesus will return and put a stop to it all and set up His kingdom on the earth.

Food and water will be in short supply, so store it now if you can. 

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