Saturday, April 2, 2011

UN pushing Israel to surrender to Palestinian demands

Tues. the UN tried to issue a resolution demanding that Israel surrender all of the West Bank and East Jerusalem to the Palestinians.  It escaped only by the United States veto in the security council. But Washington's support of Israel is at it's lowest point ever under the Obama administration. The Palestinians and Hammas are very close to unilaterally declaring a separate state. Politically the whole middle east is boiling over.  The Muslim Brotherhood is taking advantage of the unrest in many Muslim countries.  "The Muslims are looking for their "Mahdi" or "twelfth imman"  who they think will bring the whole world under Sharia law.

Right before Jesus will return, the Bible says Israel will be politically isolated.  We are watching this happen before our eyes.  Israel is being pushed into a corner.  They will soon feel the need to accept the Antichrist's offer of protection.

Jesus' coming is right at the door.  Make sure you're ready!  Watch and pray.

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